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October 29, 2017
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Los Angeles Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone Implants in Los Angeles

Are you a resident of Los Angeles looking for the best opiate blocker implant centers within the LA area? If so, you are in the right place. Naltrexone, Buprenorphine and the new Probuphine are some of the most common and perhaps most effective opiate blockers as can be evidenced by the numerous success stories associated with their use: particularly Naltrexone which is quite effective in alleviating alcohol, heroin and meth addition. To locate Naltrexone implant clinics in Los Angeles, call (888) 325-2454.

Substance abuse is considered as vice and in a majority of cases, results in addiction. When faced with such a predicament, the next course of action would naturally be to look for a drug rehabilitation center so as to be able to shake off the addiction. If you are looking for such a center, it would also be in your best interest to have a basic overview of one of the most common treatment option: Naltrexone.

Naltrexone has been used for quite some time in recovering addicts and has been proven to be quite effective especially in heavy drinkers: helps to substantially decrease the amount of alcohol intake.

The Naltrexone implant falls under the opioid antagonist family. Drugs like oxycontin and heroin contain opioids and as a norm for these drugs usually interact with the human body through opioid receptors. Naltrexone being an opioid antagonist usually works by blocking these opioid receptors and in doing so prevents the body from being affected by opioids from drugs.

Naloxone is another drug quite similar to Naltrexone: they both fall under the opioid antagonist family. They both work by binding or attaching themselves to the body’s opioid receptors and by doing so, prevent the receptors from being affected by endorphins and opioids from drugs.

Why are Naltrexone implants the best to treat opiate based addictions?

Naltrexone has the advantage of being non addictive in nature and as such, eliminates the craving for drugs giving an individual the opportunity to focus on the recover process. The Naltrexone implant is usually in form of a small non-narcotic pellet which as a norm is usually inserted under the skin near the lower abdomen: the medicine gets released into the body slowly over time. As a norm, local anesthesia is administered before the procedure is performed . The procedure usually takes a very short time and a patient is released soon after. For more information on clinics that offer this service within the LA area, feel free to contact us at (888) 325-2454.

What benefits does Naltrexone have over oral tablets?

When compared to oral tablets, Naltrexone implants are considered as being one of the best. For starters, Naltrexone implants have a significantly higher success rate when compared to oral tablets. The reason behind this is that, the Naltrexone implant is placed within an individual’s body and gets released into the body over time. As a result, an individual cannot skip or forget to take the medication: something very common with tablets

Does Naltrexone have side effects?

Since an invasive medical procedure is required during the insertion of the patch, the risk of side effects is present. However, it is usually recommended that a patient should fully detox before getting the Naltrexone implant. Proper blood tests should also be carried out to ensure that a patient is in the best shape so as to minimize the risk of infection. For Naltrexone implant centers in Los Angeles or in Orange County, contact our staff and schedule a consultation.

Some of the side effects that can be experienced on the site of implantation include

  • Irritation of the skin
  • Inflammation at the site
  • Infection

When on Naltrexone use; some individuals might resort to take an extremely high dose of drugs so as to get a high. Even though the Naltrexone prevents the body from absorbing these drugs, an extremely high dose of drugs can be potentially lethal.

When the Naltrexone implant therapy ends, an individual’s body has been basically reset to its initial state and as a result, what was presumed to be a normal dose of the drug prior to the therapy can be a fatal dose if taken after this therapy.

How long is the Naltrexone therapy?

The Naltrexone implants/therapy can take 2/3 months, 6 months or even up to a full year. However, it’s important to note that every patient is unique and as a norm, the rate of absorption of the drug varies on a case to case basis with some individuals absorbing the drugs faster than others.

Individuals looking to contact a Los Angeles Naltrexone implant center should be advised that before receiving the implant the person must be sober for a certain amount of days. You will have to search for Los Angeles heroin detox clinics that have availability to detox you before you can utilize this procedure.

Opiate dependency or addiction is very complex in nature and detox using Naltrexone implants is considered as the first step towards recovery. However, a patient will also need plenty of support from family members and friends in order to pull through and as a rule, one should also enroll in a treatment program.

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